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Educació Infantil 5 anys

L'alumnat de la classe dels "Policies" està treballat una història en anglès anomenada 'Petrer'. En aquesta notícia hi trobareu un resum de la història i un recull fotogràfic del treball que estem fent

Peter is playing at home when Mummy says, «Peter, dinner is ready!». «OK Mummy, I'm coming» Peter answers. But he goes on playing. Mummy keeps calling «Peter, dinner is ready!». Peter answers «OK Mummy, I'm coming». But he always goes on playing. Then Mummy goes to Peter's room, and very angrily says «come on, Peter!! dinner is ready!!». This time Peter goes to the dining room to have dinner. After checking that Peter’s hands are clean, Mummy gives Peter a bowl of soup and some fish. «The soup is delicious» says Peter, but then he adds «I don’t like fish!». Mummy says, «Peter, eat the soup and the fish!» and she goes back to the kitchen. When Mummy is gone, Peter eats the soup but not the fish. Then he has an idea «Cat, come here, eat the fish». The cat comes and eats the fish. Mummy comes back and sees the two empty plates and the cat. So, she asks, «who ate the soup, you or the cat?» and «who ate the fish, you or the cat?». Each pupil decides what Peter is going to tell Mummy. 

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